Friday, October 21, 2011

Konvoi tour day 6

Sometimes I wish I could re-enact what happens on the van... than I think about it and decide not to as it would reveal the truth haha... My Glorious, Schlager-Mammut and DJ Zoran is all I can reveal.
Let's just say that I can't stop laughing most of the time and need to cover my ears for the rest of it!!!
Anyway day six brought us to Mainz. A lovely city in the heart of Germany.
minutes before Miss E decided to throw up on me haha
It was nice to see some familiar faces at Phoenixhalle who had already been to Frankfurt in spring. Keep coming back people and don't be shy to say hello :)
checking out the vinyl edition of the album
random birthday girl getting serenaded

It was a great night and after everyone had gone we toasted JJ singer Nicolas and rang in his birthday. Hooray for more '81 babies! We love you Nick, our world just got better when we met you :)

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