Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Konvoi tour day 10

 as mentioned before... best breakfast ever at K family mansion!
 parking lot antics - you do get a bit of cabin fever sitting on a bus for hours :)
 Dortmund was packed... dont' think I've ever seen that many people collapse at a venue!!!
As Sami had lost his tour pass the verdict, from the grande jury, was to perform "Give Me Time" in a tiger costume haha. He's a good sport and it was fun to see the entire Jupiter Jones crew stand behind the curtains watching him do so :)
It was a great night, Raffi got a mention as porridge lover, Thomas as Schlager enthusiast and I was called mini mouse as I had a red bow in my hair! Around midnight we all piled into a van and made the long trip back to Vienna. As much as we love this tour business, there's still work to be done at home. So wish that they wont have to work double duties one day! These boys are incredible!!
We're more or less rested after two days at home. I made a massive batch of cookies and brownies and in a couple of minutes we'll be heading to Bremen :) Here's to an awesome second leg of the Konvoi! Cheers friends xx

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