Friday, December 16, 2011

advent day 15

Mighty God 
Isaiah 9.6 Matthew1.23
When I think about the signs and wonders that accompanied Jesus wherever He went, all I can think of is, “What a mighty God do I serve! “.
The really mind-blowing thing is that He is the same yesterday, today and forever. He healed, He commanded the elements, He brought order into chaos, and the list goes on. 
Don’t ever think for one second that that is the Jesus that was. He still is and is waiting for us to surrender our lives and work the same miracles in our lives.
One of my favourite scriptures is in Job when after all the friends have spoken, God speaks:
Where were you when I created the earth?
Tell me, since you know so much!
Who decided on its size? Certainly you’ll know that!
Who came up with the blueprints and measurements?
How was its foundation poured,
And who set the cornerstone,
While the morning stars sang in chorus and all the angels shouted praise?
And who took charge of the ocean
When it gushed forth like a baby from the womb?
That was me! I wrapped it in soft clouds
And tucked it in safely at night.
Then I made a playpen for it,
A strong playpen so it couldn’t run loose,
And said, ‘Stay here, this is your place.
Your wild tantrums are confined to this place.’
Job38 (MSG)
This is our God! How awesome is He...
Hope everyone has an amazing weekend x

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