Monday, December 5, 2011

current obsession

She & Him Christmas songs
Always been a big Zooey fan - just watch Elf or New Girl and you'll know why :)
She & Him - Christmas Day by Double Six

American Apparel
when you work in theatre you can only wear black, to make you invisible behind stage. As all the dancers constantly run around, in what looks like the comfiest pyjamas, I decided to bring in my black American Apparel harem pants. If they can get away with it, so can I haha
Their viscose tank tops are also a favourite of mine, as is their underwear, running shorts and basically everything they've ever made.

Rooibus tea
high in antioxidants and generally good for you. I drink about three cups a day in our dungeon.

Two cats are lying on me as I type this, one of them snoring loudly. Here's to a great Monday x

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