Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 review

To sum 2011 up in one word would be mental. Thoroughly and utterly mental. It's probably been the best and worst, a true roller coaster ride.
Maybe if you would have told me that I'll be in such a great place by the end of the year,  all the crying and depression that happened in the first couple weeks/months wouldn't have been necessary. Oh yeah I was in a horrible place this time last year and I've come to know the term "winter depression". 
As I was looking through photos for this little review, I honestly can't believe how so much fun and life and work could possibly fit into a single year! Here goes...
The year started off with my favourite people hanging out, best place to start off
mexican feast at EheG
got to go on a trip to Switzerland to see Dani, Priska and Vivian!
 there were lots of birthdays to celebrate...
 Simon kicked off a round of celebrating the big 30
Happy days in Loerrach were followed by the Finnish Line tour with the fabulous Jupiter Jones :)
 met so many beautiful people when we crashed homes all over Germany
best part about touring... meeting your fav people all over the place...
 started making things again...
 We trained for and ran a 14km run...
 helped out at the number one flower shop
 met cutie Miss K
 lots of girl time with the besties
 Tuesdays turned into girl's night - lots of food and chatting happened on those nights
 fun with the family!! so much easier when you only live three hours away :)
 beautiful Miss E was welcomed into our world

Summer time included
 29a for Lisa, a night to remember
 my friend Margit got married
 barbecues at the Schmidt house
Road Trip time around Italy, France, Switzerland and a tiny corner of Germany:

Back in Vienna for a MG gig and Ruth's hen night and a couple weeks later Ruth and Ian's wedding:)

 team wardrobe at the Salzburg Festival
this is what you look like after 7 weeks of non stop costume drama haha

We added to the family when my little brother got married Hooray Horray

 lots of time with friends
 dressed up for teaching hahahaha funniest story ever! still not sure who was more scared, the kids or me :D
 a visit to Graz that involved painting walls
 lots of printing and natural dying time
 Schnorres vs the world weekend in Salzburg
my crazy family built another Astrid... yup!
 a trip to Dresden to see the lovely Maria and Samuel
 more family time before we were off on the Konvoi - tour extraordinaire
back in my beloved London town for the Snowman season :)

It's been the greatest year so far, I am thankful and happy knowing there is no turning back only a way forward. Thank you everyone for making it such an amazing year to remember. Love you for being in my world. Couldn't ask for better people to do life with!
Here's to an incredible 2012 xx

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  1. Happy new year, i wish you the best love this post!