Monday, October 31, 2011

Konvoi tour day 14

How am I even begin to describe what went down in Karlsruhe...
We left Dresden early to have enough time to drive those 550km west. Shortly after Dresden we stopped to get some breakfast and picked up a hitchhiker, Afra. She's been travelling for the last three years after she finished training in her trade - carpentry. It is an old tradition in Germany to leave your home and travel for three years and a day to get more experience in your trade. There are strict rules: you wear a uniform, you can't pay for travelling and accommodation, you can't stay longer than three months in a spot, no cell phones or computers and you can't come closer than 50km to your home. They tramp the world and just work and learn. There are about 700 people from Germany, Austria and Switzerland doing this at the moment.
Afra showed us her travel book, it is filled with stamps from every place she went to, photos and little messages people wrote in it. A pretty incredible treasure trove! Thanks for sharing your story with us Afra, all the best for the next couple months.
We said good bye somewhere near Stuttgart and continued on our journey.
Substage proved to be a great venue, they had the nicest staff and the crowd was pumping! But the best thing about that night: lots of friends came to visit. Simon and Johann came all the way from Loerrach, Stephi from Stuttgart, Sami's childhood friend and his girlfriend drove an hour and who knows where Gregor's friend travelled from. Nothing beats having friends around! It's just that much better.
 Stephi in action :) she does an amazing job photographing... check out pics here
 signed my first arm ever haha
 friends and family - all completely mental!!
 Stephanie K or Benny??
Stephanie K meet Stephanie K haha
Karlsruhe THANK YOU for making me laugh till it hurt and brining us all together xx

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Konvoi tour day 13

Dresden you never fail to impress. Be it the beaten up club we got to play in or the back roads through pitch black fields that take us to our hotel... Add to that yum food, we loved it!
Shout out to the girl who managed to trip down the stairs, smashing her glass bottle when she face planted underneath my desk, cutting her hand open... seriously hope you are okay x
The crowd was great, they are now under the impression that I hail from french royalty and was brought up in a chateau in France and work just for the fun of it, as I wouldn't have to haha Sami can come up with so much crap :D
nap time
can anyone detect our FOH guys???
slightly manic at the end of the night
gorgeous ceiling - hints at how this place might have looked in its golden era
Raffi wearing his "Zoran Mischta" badge with pride

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Konvoi tour day 12

From Bremen we went to Kiel - construction works all the way!!! It gets a tad bit annoying when you spend that much time on a bus anyway :) But the lovely people of Kiel made up for everything! Oh and the food as well haha
finally I got a pic of FOH and than Zoran the great wasn't even with us haha
thanks again to the just as great Mock for filling in!! 
Can't wait to be back in March... for details go to x

Friday, October 28, 2011

Konvoi tour day 11

 best catering by far... MS Treue thank you!
 Paul and drums and fog :)
MS Treue was a funky little venue - a ship that floats on the river Weser. If you're lucky you bump in and out when the tide is up, otherwise you have a steep gangway to climb up and down! How girls walked that one in high heels is a complete mystery to me haha
It was another gig in front of about 30 people - stark contrast to the thousands the boys get to play for when supporting Jupiter Jones - but once again it proofed to be an unforgettable night. Feels very different when a handful of people turn up just because of you.
The next morning we went for breakfast with Daniela (our lovely host from two weeks ago) and her three kiddos. It's always nice when you start a day off with friends.
Thanks again Bremen, you were beautiful.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

while Jupiter Jones sound check in Kiel...

... I'm hanging out in the catering area, listening to JJ's sound check here in Kiel and translating bits and pieces.
So! We drove wayyyyy too many hours in the last two days. Finally took over the playlist and were fighting back Schlager and dance trash with Biffy Clyro, Papertongues and other car music haha Soon I'm gonna get cabin fever in this bus! But got the second season of Flight Of The Concords... Hooray!!!
Best part of the day so far: got to chat to the lovely Malin who will be my boss in London. So pumped to have the opportunity to work with her again. Last time I worked with her on this here:

LIVE EAST DIE YOUNG TRAILER from Live East Die Young on Vimeo.
I was sewing dresses, altering skirts, turning dresses into skirts, etc. It was eye-opening to go from church bubble/nannying world to indie film work. Good God I was scared, but everyone was so lovely and what followed (I'll call it "the devil eats granola" - episode) was by far worse when it comes to a working environment haha. Can't wait for a fun season at "The Snowman".

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

my glorious on twitter

I reckon you should all follow My Glorious on twitter... heaps of pics and behind the scenes secrets :) Follow the journey xx

Konvoi tour day 10

 as mentioned before... best breakfast ever at K family mansion!
 parking lot antics - you do get a bit of cabin fever sitting on a bus for hours :)
 Dortmund was packed... dont' think I've ever seen that many people collapse at a venue!!!
As Sami had lost his tour pass the verdict, from the grande jury, was to perform "Give Me Time" in a tiger costume haha. He's a good sport and it was fun to see the entire Jupiter Jones crew stand behind the curtains watching him do so :)
It was a great night, Raffi got a mention as porridge lover, Thomas as Schlager enthusiast and I was called mini mouse as I had a red bow in my hair! Around midnight we all piled into a van and made the long trip back to Vienna. As much as we love this tour business, there's still work to be done at home. So wish that they wont have to work double duties one day! These boys are incredible!!
We're more or less rested after two days at home. I made a massive batch of cookies and brownies and in a couple of minutes we'll be heading to Bremen :) Here's to an awesome second leg of the Konvoi! Cheers friends xx

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

count down to London town

19 more days - having a minor freak out moment! Life is mental at the moment, everything is happening so quickly!
Things I can't wait for...
... catching up with lovely friends
... being back at the Dominion theatre on Sundays - Hillsong family I've missed you!
... working with Malin @ the Peacock Theatre
... Tate Modern, National Gallery, British Museum
... Anthropologie hooray
... meeting my new flatmate!
... celebrating Christmas, my birthday and New Years
and much more :)

current obsession

ever since Ruth & Ian's wedding, this whole 50s thing has stuck with me. Turns out I've got the ideal measurements for that era: hips AND a waist. (this comes after years of trying to figure out what to do with an hourglass figure!!) Anyway lipstick was just the thing to add and I love it so much I put it on even if I'm all by myself and working from home - makes everything more sophisticated and fun! Ruth laughed at me when we skyped one day and I was literally in pjs but wearing MAC lipstick in Ruby Woo haha!
(Has anyone read Garance's list "10 degrees of sophistication"? You definitely should, she's funny and I can very easily relate to that list ha!)

I've been whistling this tune for more than a week now. Every time I stand behind the merch desk it finds me. People must think that there's something seriously wrong with this girl (also doesn't help my reputation as a hippie chick ahaha)
Maybe I'm just in love with collective like bands - hello Arcade Fire - but I think it's an amazing sign that two years on it still makes me happy.

the sky's the limit when it comes to printing. Fabric dying was followed by screen printing and stamping. Can you believe I even carved wood to create stamps to print??!!!! It is tons of fun.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Konvoi tour day 9

Let me tell you something about our trip to Reutlingen... or rather show you some snap shots :)
packing up the van in Augsburg
exercise time with our very personal trainer RS @ Station Music 
 Reutlingen you were unbelievable!!!! what a crowd...
I heart them
Konvoi merch desk... the least I can give you is a smile
coming soon
What a day... we were so excited to be there and experience the madness.
My friend Sarah rocked up in the afternoon and we had a very long chat over coffee. Yay for Sydney housemates catch ups. Always good to see lovely friends. (seriously wish everyone could have friends all over the world... it's so much fun and what could be better than going to a new city and meeting an old friend?)
The sound was grand, the crowd was pumping, JJ and MG gave their all and the venue crew was lovely. Romy and I danced the night away and when the show was over a DJ took over the foyer and let's just say it got incredibly loud. Loud doesn't even begin to describe it, actually haha I've never had merch set up in such a deafening spot before - ear-splitting!!!
Anyway we will be back at FranzK(not a name but an abbreviation for french cinema which used to be set up in there before :) ) in February. If you're in the area, come and be in for a night you wont forget quickly.
Best thing about Reutlingen - it's close to Stuttgart, so we got to stay over at the lovely K family!! Their house is beautiful, feels like home and in the morning you always get the best breakfast - hip hip hooray! Massive thank you. Can't wait to see you again next week!