Wednesday, October 28, 2009

creating things

I've been wrestling around with this coat I have to make, trying to make a not so great pattern fit, etc.
There is something about working with your hands though. I love it! You take scraps of material and sew a few seams and voila you have a bag/t-shirt/jacket/shorts/skirt. Honestly if everything you work on would materialize that quickly, life would be lovely :)

We will be carving more pumpkins today and going out to trunk or treating. I like all theses new traditions and we'll see if I can hang on to them back in Europe. Hopefully the pumpkin carving will last!!
As a treat I got to see ChiChi on skype today. Miss that girl and always wish she lived a bit closer!

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  1. hand-arbeit und blog-arbeit, du bist wohl in beiden gut!! :-)