Tuesday, October 20, 2009

pumpkins and world changers

Nobody has ever been as excited as me about getting to carve a pumpkin. You got to understand that we don't do that in Austria. We eat pumpkin as Sam pointed out yesterday.
After work was done for today, Sarah and I jumped in the car and bought 4 pumpkins. It was awesome!!! Never underestimate how much fun this can be. Especially when you have other people around.
The boys were so against it - being rockstars must be tough as you're too cool to do anything - but after we were finished they carved their band logo into one... Pictures will be released in their due time :)

Got to catch up with my bestie Ruth today on skype. Nothing better than that. Her poor boyfriend had an accident playing rugby today. Kinda scary but nothing is happening out of God's hand and I know first hand that He can do miracles. He just healed my friend Sophie, unbelievable!!

In other news. When I was working in Sydney, our team was working on a documentary called The I Heart Revolution - We're All In This Together. I can't believe it will be in cinemas next month and history will be made.
If you're in the US, Canada, Australia, NZ or South Africa, you really have to go and watch it!!! It will change lives and mindsets. How do I know? Because it changed mine.
I'm so proud of the team (especially Danielle, Kelly, Glenn, Paul and Joel who have given their all to do this) and can't wait to see the entire film.

my brothers would point out how ridiculously small my head is. it really is

our finished works of art

the whole gang in the kitchen. thanks guys!!


  1. And here I am, wondering what you are up to these days?? Now that I can follow your blog I won't have to. <3<3<3

  2. good job carving those pumpkins astrid!! i'm so bad at it! lolol we're gonna see the movie when you're here!! and by the way, can't you extend your stay for one day?? we didnt want you to miss youth... =(