Monday, October 12, 2009

God encounters and soccer games

Today something happened that has never happened to me before... I blew up in front of someone, like a crazy volcano that erupted out of no-where. Usually I am the most mellow person ever and would never pick a fight, this all changed when I head butted with this person.
After all this happened and I'm feeling like the last person anyone would like to have around them, I walk into church and they had baptisms and after we sang The Redeemed. A song, written by someone from within my church and I just started weeping before God. It was extraordinary, a sense of coming home and all the anger and negativity melted away and I felt like being lost in a sea of grace!!
Isn't God amazing, when you're at your worst and feel like this is the end, He comes and lifts you up and seats you at His feet, just to be there in the presence of the King. Words cannot express how much I love Him.

As I said before, I love quiet Sundays so the rest of the day was chilled out. Lunch, hanging with my Tennessee family, skyping friends and family, watching Robert play football(soccer for all you Americans), watching movies, more knitting, playing board games, etc There's nothing better!!

Some photos of what's been going on...

Sarah, Anne and Yaya waiting to be seated at Friday's

These are two photos from yesterdays Oktoberfest -  which was a fun experience. It's always rather amusing when people try to dress up in German/Austrian traditional clothing. So wrong somehow!

I forgot how fun it is to watch little boys play ball. Some of them are almost scared to hit the ball others turn around when you cheer them on and others are like little rascals that fight like crazy just to get that ball.

and on a side note, I got to talk to this little man today... and than I missed his parents again... so need to catch up with them!!! If you are reading this, MISS YOU lots London family. love love love

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  1. big hug!! now my blog is fertig... haben am wochenende die lustigsten deutsch-englisch-tschechischen dinge (all languages rolled into one sentence) gehört.