Saturday, October 10, 2009

work parties

Today was a fun day. It started out with a lot of inventory on the farm - yay!! But than we worked out that I'll be doing sample dresses for the next couple weeks, which will be amazing, as I'll be getting to hone my skills on the sowing front.
Tonight , the prophetik gang, went to the six fifteen magazine launch today as we will be featured in next months edition. Kinda lush as we got picked up by a limo and driven to this great house where the party was at. 
Nice setting and yummy food and open bar, but I reckon not enough people for that massive house. As downstairs was boring we went exploring the house and found this dance floor room and for most of the night the seven of us dominated that room :) For all the times that my friends tried to get me out dancing in London, I was making up for all that tonight!!
At some point Anne turned to me, saying "this is so weird, this is a work party!!!!". We almost lost our designer up there, when it filled up haha. Despite that we made it to Rumours, a wine bar, and had a little white wine session with the team, which was lovely and good to see everyone in a none working environment and plans were made for next week. 

Octoberfest in German Town is on the list for tomorrow. Don't think they have caught on that I'm not German, but whatever. 
A much needed skype session with everyone is scheduled in though, before things will get crazy in Nashville tomorrow afternoon... Can't wait to catch up with you all.
And before I forget, Sophal this is going out to you!!! Love you lots and can't wait to talk to you soon x

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