Saturday, October 17, 2009

work and play play play

Just woke up after a great night sleep and keep laughing at all the things that happened yesterday.
I finally started on the samples yesterday, great fun to sew again. As there was not enough material, I decided to go for a walk in the freezing cold with Bob and Missy and Missy's friends. There is nothing like walking in fresh air and being really hot but having icy skin.

The boys came later and we booked our flights for NYC. As I finally got to use my miles I paid all of $10 - talk about a bargain. Can't wait to see all my Brazilians. As Missy can't help it, when there are people at the door, she just has to feed the entire bunch and we were treated to delicious chilli con carne and chocolate cake.
We finally made it to the venue and got thrown back to Challenge times at the Art & Fun Factory. Old horrible industrial building, really small and everything was painted black. Turns out it was more of a heavy metal club - haha.
As always the most random collection of characters ever. We sat in the bar before My Glorious were up and in walks this older guy with a walking stick who had a rather homeless look going for him. He walks straight to a sofa, reaches behind it and pulls out a massage table, opens it up and lies face down on it. Nothing happens and we're like "what the heck is going on" but nobody seemed to notice or maybe this happens every night, who knows. So after a couple minutes another random guy comes and starts massaging him, telling us how many English bands have played there.
If there is one thing I've never witnessed it's someone getting massaged in a heavy metal bar :)



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  1. tut, tut,... you're not up to your old tricks again, are you? head banging like 10 years ago?
    better watch this as an alternativ _ HAHAHA!!!