Monday, October 5, 2009

how I love lazy Sundays

So I missed church today. Don't exactly know how that happened but for the first service everyone slept in, apart from Anne who was at church around 7.30am to set up, and while I was in the shower everyone else left to go to the second one.
Can't tell you how much I miss church back home. There is something powerful when you gather as one on Sundays and the presence of God is there. I truly am blessed to have that environment in my life and am all the more thankful for where I have been positioned in life. It could be so so different and I'm experiencing that right now.
Got to talk to my family though which was nice. The time difference we are having at the moment is horrible, even Australia was a lot easier for some reason!!
As it was raining all day it was a lazy day... watching TV, knitting, eating left overs, playing board games, etc. It's so amazing when there is no rush to be anywhere. Makes you slow down and enjoy life a   whole lot more!

The football game yesterday was fun. Vanderbilt Commodores vs Ole Miss

Rather boring game I have to admit. Despite a packed stadium the home team lost tragically but I'd always return for the people watching part of it!

Back to the fashion world tomorrow. Can't wait to hear weekend stories - Jeff was a judge at the Miss Tennessee pageant. He wanted Anne and me to come last night but I could never do that. Would feel sick about the whole deal. Has nobody learnt anything from Little Miss Sunshine???

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