Friday, October 9, 2009

music city and its perks

There will be a fashion show on the 23rd October and things are going a bit crazy right now. Nothing out of the ordinary but when Anne suggested we leave work early and go to Live on the Green tonight, I thought that that was the best idea ever.
One of the radio stations has been hosting free concerts on the green every Thursday for the last six weeks and we went to the last one of the series. After some frozen yoghurt (or in my case dairy free sorbet yay) we headed into Nashville and got to hear the last bit of Ricky Young. Headliner and main reason for us to go was Citizen Cope

He was amazing and the atmosphere was great. Haven't smelt that much pot since I don't know... maybe Bondi haha. It was good to be outside and enjoy life!!
Good night world, I'm off to bed now.

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  1. oh my goodness!! whoever taught you to recognise pot???