Monday, October 19, 2009

crazy people and the weekend

The kind of place my glorious got to play last night was what we would call a dirt hole. It was the most aweful place one can imagine, but they had two girls drive for 7 hours just to hear them play so what to do?? Again random random people - a guy ran around with a cut of mannequin's head all night that had a lit cigarette in its mouth, a girl who was so drunk and kept undressing herself, the singer of the last band threatened to play naked, etc. 
Anyway it was an awesome show in the end and everyone was like "this is the best we've ever had here" which is not hard to imagine after someone told us that nobody ever comes out to hear you play unless you play death core or whatever they call that :)

My poor sleeping abilities had me up at 8 o clock this morning and somehow everyone else was still asleep so I missed church once again. Can't tell you how I miss London or even Sydney for that matter. Thankful for modern technology and podcasts. Had a lazy morning watching SNL in bed, ha.

The boys came in the afternoon and the twins, Sarah and Yaya walked around Radnor lakes again It was freezing today but unbelievably stunning.

Isn't it beautiful, it reminds me so much of Austria.

Went out to Broadway in Nashville tonight and went from bar to bar. There is live music at every single one of them and it's fun watching them. Not my music at all but it fits here.

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