Friday, October 2, 2009

this is going out to my Zekestar

Today was a crazy day. Talk about working with insane people!! But as always life would be rather boring without it though.
Got picked up this morning and Jenn who's got the orientation of a tree(wanted to use an animal but they probably all have very good instincts haha) took a wrong turn and headed in the complete opposite direction. Instead of arriving at 9.30, we got there at 11am and it was downhill from there on. Very funny though.

Anyway. Two weeks ago when I worked at Estethica - the ethical section at London Fashion Week - I had a favourite stand. The label is called The North Circular and they had the most cosy stand ever, complete with grannies in comfy chairs knitting away. In their honour I got some bamboo knitting needles and cotton yarn today. We'll see what this will turn into.

Concerning the heading, I'm missing my little Zeke friend a lot this week. As they still don't have internet, there's no one calling me Yaya right now and I miss it. We used to sing our little L O V E song and as soon as we get to V he starts giggling like crazy. This is for you Zekestar!!!

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