Saturday, October 3, 2009

things to do while in the US of A

As many of you know, I'm in Tennessee at the moment. I got the chance to come to Franklin and gain experience at Prophetik, thanks to my friends in My Glorious. They will be here in 2 weeks time and I can't wait to have them around.
So far my time with Jeff has been very random as the team is made up of THE most chaotic people I've ever worked with. They are lovely and rather comedy worthy, so never a dull moment.

There are a couple things I want to do while I have the chance to be in this part of the world.
One is to see my favourite Brazilians in the WHOLE world - they live over in CT and although I had Christmas and New Year with them last year and the beautiful Lidia came over and stayed with me in London earlier this year, I don't see them enough. We used to share a house together in Sydney a couple years ago and they are like family to me.

Another thing is to go to a sporting event. Don't care what to be honest, have never been following anything ha, but yesterday Anne's dad told us that he got tickets for a college football game happening today. We're going to take her little brother and his friend and will be off in a couple hours. Can't wait.
In your face Ulrich!!! He is my brother and plays for the Lower Austria Titans and he'll be green with envy...

Other things are going to concerts, taking a road trip, eating Mexican/Cuban food in all its splendour, stocking up on all things Clinique, buying books, visiting the Jack Daniel's distillery which is around the corner, and the list continues.
More of that later, gotta talk to my besties in Austria now.

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