Friday, November 27, 2009

cliches and funny movies

First ever Thanksgiving and it was fabulous.
Started out really early to walk the Boulevard Bolt - a 5 mile run/walk to benefit the homeless people in Nashville. Although it was freezing and I looked like a clown - turned out to be okay as people were dressed up as turkeys, Santas, Indians, etc - it was the best start of the day. It's nice to see people taking time out of their holiday and give back to their community.
What followed was the above mentioned cliches - a house full of people, Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, football, games, an overload of food and funny Christmas movies (Elf anybody!).

Things I am thankful for this year...
an awesome God who took me on a whole new adventure
a family, who still love and believe in me
amazing friends
the Lago di Garda crew for being who you are
different airlines taking me places
Willi Dungl tea
being part of a great church
my MacBook
sleeping in a bed for most of the year
Zeke for making me laugh every time I see him
Zoe and Malin for giving me a chance to work with them
Florence and the machine, Kings of Leon, MuteMath, Mark Ronson, As Tall As Lions
Jetty for making me climb up that mountain
fresh air
My Glorious for memorable moments on the road
Wimbledon Common
Life is full of things that don't necessarily have to be there but they are. I always wonder why I get to be part of this unfolding journey, that is so rich in everything.
I've stopped asking why and started saying thank you.

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