Monday, November 23, 2009

countdowns and chats

Time has been flying past so quickly it is ridiculous. Yaya's days in the US are numbered :)
It feels like such a long time ago that I came over here and met the amazing family P who have showered me with love and hospitality. Wish I could give back so much and just pray that they will be blessed abundantly for taking me in. (considering that I was supposed to stay here for a weekend and 2 months later I'm still with them!!! they're legends!)
So after church (including a rendition of Alleluia Alleluia Alleluuuuuu-ia which still makes me think of a certain Mr Bean episode) and a quick lunch, we headed to downtown Nashville once again to walk around like tourists. It was a quick visit as the rain kept coming down. Slowly it feels like I know my way around the city. Like and hate that part... After two years in Sydney I finally felt like I know how to get to places, short cuts, etc and than I had to leave. What's the point?!

Life is great everyone and I could burst with thankfulness and gratitude. Just got to chat to these two

An hour an a half later their battery died and we finally hung up haha. Talking to your besties is like a shot of energy. Heard funny stories from the EheG and we're all going a bit nuts over celebrating New Years Eve together. Crazy things happen when we all get together, you wait and see world!!!

A few pictures from the last couple days...

Vanderbilt - Lipscomb game

the hot light at Krispy Kreme was on

so to annoy my brother a photo of what he can't have :)

dad this is for you

he's everywhere

streets of Nashville

Fort Nashborough replica next to the river, where people first settled

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  1. zum elvis photo: der hat in der padua (that horrible town where your daddy had been cast out a church!!) noch ganz anders ausgesehen... so mit kutte und so :-)