Wednesday, November 18, 2009

games and people

The last couple days have been rather relaxed after a certain person left for the UK.
Monday night we went to a basketball game, Vanderbuilt vs Lipscomb. I guess basketball is my favourite game to watch as it is so fast paced and all over the place, but what truly made my day was the couple sitting in front of us.
He had his earphones plugged in and was giving everyone around him a updates on all the other college games going on across the country. She was so into it that when she clapped her entire body was moving up and down. (don't think I've ever seen anyone clap that fast either) In addition to that they had binoculars!!!! Felt like sitting next to a bird watcher and in case anyone is wondering, we had an amazing view of the court so unless you want to see the pores on the players faces, no binoculars needed! Fascinating indeed.

Started another coat today, but spent the last hour packing my bags. After a lot of back and forth we are going to drive to Dallas, TX. ROAD TRIP!!! The route changes every hour at the moment and I've stopped asking. I'm packed for a week and as long as we make it back in time for Thanksgiving, it's cool with me.

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