Monday, November 9, 2009

the incredible MUTEMATH

About 7 years ago, my brother Ulrich and I traveled around the States for 5 weeks. One of our stops was a music festival in Minnesota where we had gone to see a band called Earthsuit perform.
Sometime before that I saw a picture of them somewhere, had never heard of them, but I was intrigued by their style of clothing. They were so out there - mind you, this was way before Lady Gaga and her crazy antics existed :) Anyway I instantly wanted to hear what they sounded like and from the first bar of music fell in love with it.
Long story short, we found out that they were going to play while we were in the US so we just got tickets and went for it. We got to meet them and they told me that they were going to the UK later that summer. On my way up to Scotland I swung past their show at Soul Survivor(which as it turned out was a God thing as Soul Survivor radically changed my spiritual life. Thank you Mike Pilavachi and team). It was lovely to hang out with them that day and I remember thinking that - besides them being the sweetest, most polite southern boys ever (Europeans take note) - they are such an enormously talented bunch of guys, big things will happen to them.
Well I've followed what they have been doing ever since and 7 years later I am in Nashville and finally got to see them in their new outfit called MUTEMATH. They were ranked 2nd behind Coldplay for live performance by the Rolling Stone which is an understatement if you ask me.

It was phenomenal, intense, loud, incredible, ridiculous, breathtaking, crazy and the list goes on.
I've never seen so much energy and sweat on stage. Thank you very much boys.

The supporting band needs an honorary mention, As Tall As Lions were amazing as well and they'll be in the UK in December. Good night world.

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  1. jaja, so ist das, wenn einen die vergangenheit einholt.. hihi.. kann mich an den sommer noch erinnern, wir trafen uns in schottland :-)