Friday, November 13, 2009

early mornings and sore fingers

For the last 3 days I've been working non stop on putting samples together and our designer seems to come up with a new project every day. It's kind of insane, but he doesn't get this.
Last time this happened was when I was working on this indie film called "Live East Die Young", but for some reason when you work as a team, it's always more fun and somehow easier when you work out problems together. Besides the point that it is more fulfilling when you have the outcome (actor in clothes on set) right before you.
Anyway. I need to start a coat now and finish it by tomorrow night. The challenge is on!

Oh and because life hasn't been crazy enough lately, we're going on a road trip to Dallas. I'm expecting great things and I can't wait to drive. More on that later.
Seems like my time in the States is rushing by and it's only two weeks till Thanksgiving, that's basically it and I'll be back in London before I know it.

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