Monday, November 9, 2009

sunshine and MuteMath

We had the most gorgeous weather today. Clear blue skies and abundant sunshine!
Tried to read my book outside by the pool, but had to go inside as I started to get really red. This might be my summer after all haha. Anne, Sarah and I even went to a popsticle place mmmmmh.

Fun things today were, talking to my friend Simon, who always makes me laugh. Can't wait to spend New Year with him. Dance party extraordinary awaits :)
And I still can't stop laughing, talked to my youngest brother Joachim today and he told me that our brother was rapping at kids church this morning and he had mixed a beat specifically for that occasion. Muhahahaha Decided we were gonna call him U-Dawg from now on and later he sent me this picture

If that is not terrifying, I don't know what is :) Love them, they are crazy!!!!

When I talked to my favourite 2 year old yesterday, he wanted to see more photos of his Yaya so I played around with photo booth while sitting outside today :) These are for you Zeke Zeke

love this dress, thanks Lidinha x

Off to see MuteMath in a bit. A dream will come true yippie yay. More on that tomorrow x

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