Tuesday, November 24, 2009

late nights and ball games

If you haven't watched a football game in a sports bar, you haven't really experienced America. Very good when the home team is winning, not so sure what would happen when losing, but there was dancing in the street!
Finally met Anne's boyfriend Andrew in person yesterday. He's a track and field runner who is finishing his post grad in DC at the moment. Funnily enough Sarah's class had to write about their modern day heroes and one of her class mates wrote about Andrew. They've been giving him a hard time ever since haha.
After dinner we all ventured out to watch the Titans game at some bar in Nashville. Fun times with too much beer(the whole pitcher thing... so not what we do) and crazy people. Loved it.

This was in my fortune cookie last night. Couldn't stop giggling as earlier that day I had talked to my friend Simon, making plans about hitting the snow at the end of the year. Haven't been on a snowboard in 15 years, as I wrecked my knees(went skiing for the next couple years which didn't help the knees either!), and would love to take it up again. Told him that they have to take it easy with me. Being the ever optimistic, encouraging person who's lived in a world of "you can do it" and "we believe in you" etc was confronted with him saying "that's gonna hurt". Thank you very much Simon, I much prefer the fortune cookie :)

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